Legend Has It

Pizzas were once cooked on the shields of Roman soldiers over an open flame. In 1889, the first modern pizza was created by renowned baker Rafael Esposito. He was commissioned by King Umberto I and Queen Margarita to make three pizza choices. The Queen then chose the pizza that evoked the colors of the Italian flag: green, white and red, and with that choice, the Margherita pizza was born. The Jersey Shore Pizza Shell Company™ has researched and revived this long-lost legendary pizza recipe. Enjoy.

Jersey Shore Pizza Shells are made with premium ingredients with the restaurateur in mind. With one product you can expand your menu while keeping your costs down. Jersey Shore Pizza Shells are perfect for that crispy, crunchy thin-crust pizza that so many love, but why stop there? We’ve made strombolis, wraps, quesadillas, and even desserts.

From Pizza Shell

To Crispy Pizza

To A Quesadilla

How To Make A Pizza,
Jersey Shore Style!


5 lbs grated Pecorino Romano, 5 oz Italian Seasoning, 4 oz Oregano, 1 oz Red Pepper Flakes

Step #1

Getting Started

Preheat oven to 500º (preheat while prepping) & lay the crust, brown side down, on wire rack or pizza screen.

Step #2

Add Cheese

Use whole milk low-moisture cheese 7” – 4 oz, 12” – 6-7 oz. Spread evenly to edges.

Step #3

Add Sauce

Use whole crushed, peeled tomatoes (7” – 4 oz, 12” – 7 oz). Season with 1 Tbsp Jersey Shore Seasoning Mix.

Step #4

Bake It

Bake in preheated 500˚ oven for 8-15 min.
Cook well done until edges are dark brown.
If in doubt, don’t take it out.

Step #5

Cut It

For that extra Jersey Shore
touch, drizzle 1/4 oz olive oil over top of pie
and cut as shown.

The Original Jersey Shore Pizza Shell

The Original Jersey Shore Pizza Shell

Our Original Thin Pizza Shells Are Available In These Sizes

Product Specs

Product Name: Jersey Shore Pizza Shells
12” and 7”
Shelf Life: 12 months frozen; 60 days refrigerated ; 10 days ambient
Kosher: yes
Pack Size: (12 inches : 60 shells) (7 inches : 40 shells)
Net Weight (LB): 12 inches, per shell: 5 oz (140 g) for the 60 shells (full box) 18.75 lbs (8.45 kg)
7 inches, per shell 1, 76 oz (50g) for the 40 shells (full box) 4.40 lbs (2 kg)
Gross Weight (LB): Pallet Pattern (ti x hi): 6 boxes per row x 7 layers = 42 boxes per skid for the 12 Inches
12 boxes per row x 10 layers = 120 boxes per skid for the 7 inches
Case Cube (ft3): 7 inches: 16.75 in x 8 in x 3.75 in =502.5 inch3 (1.39 ft x 0.666 ft x 0.315 ft = 0.292 ft3)
12 inches : 14.5 x 14.5 x 10.5 = 2 207. 6 inch3 (1.29 ft x 1.29 ft x 0.875 ft = 1.45 ft 3)
Case Dimensions (in): 6 boxes per row x 7 layers = 42 boxes per skid for the 12 Inches
12 boxes per row x 10 layers = 120 boxes per skid for the 7 inches
Packaging Type (Case): corrugated box
Packaging Type (Bag): poly bag



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